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Seaside HouseProject Info

A refurbishment and extension to 'Seaside House', a Grade B Listed Georgian house in the Fife village of Aberdour, with an outstanding outlook over the water to Edinburgh. 

The project encompasses a full refurbishment of the existing house, adjusting the layout and improving its the environmental performance, whilst restoring many of the original decorative features. A new extension is set at the lower garden level and is strongly linked to its seaside setting; allowing internal spaces to open-up to the outside and creating a series of sheltered external spaces. The extension has been conceived as vaulted structure providing an open ‘portico’ at the base of the villa. Three sides of the extension are enclosed by a limestone-clad wall, presenting a cubic form that follows the geometry and character of the existing house. The south facade of the extension is entirely glazed with sliding/ folding doors that can bedrawn back to allow the internal space to be opened up to the outside, allowing the sounds and smells of the sea to be enjoyed.

Aberdour, Fife
Phase 1 completion due late-2020, Phase 2 completion due mid-2021.